My First Attempt at Panang Curry

It’s been a long time coming, however last night I found my joy in cooking again. It probably had something to do with the fact I was challenging myself with a dish I’ve never cooked before.

The recipe belongs to B2, when I say recipe it’s the kind where she tells you from memory. I realised what I had gotten myself into on Monday night when we were going over the recipe and the amount of sugar kept changing.  Her final response was don’t worry just keep tasting until your happy with it. 

So last night there I was standing in front of the chopping board feeling the pressure and of course slightly neurotic, when I realised if it doesn’t work out Bangkok Betty, Chocolate Bunny, Livvy and B1 would have to eat take away.  With my oracle nowhere insight I was left to my own devices.

As I continued on with my preparation repeating my little mantra “it will be fine” over and over again B1 arrives in the kitchen.  While we talked the veggies were being chopped, the curry was slowly being diluted to ease the hotness. B1 gave me a few secret tips when it comes to perfecting the art of stir-frying vegetables… The final taste test was performed and I have to admit I wasn’t sure I felt it needed something, thankful B1 hit the nail on the head just a little bit of fish sauce and it will be fine. And you know what she was right.

For my first attempt I don’t think I did too badly, I got the seal of approval on both my dishes from B1, so feel slightly proud. And I might even say cocky. 

panang-curry-2.jpg vegetables.jpg panang-curry-3.jpg

My love of cooking has finally been renewed. I’m preparing myself for my next challenge, however I think I’ll call it a battle. Bangkok Betty has been nominated the judge. The ingredients have been chosen; so stay tuned for my version of Ready Steady Cook.


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