Prawns and Snowpea

It was time to push the boundaries again tonight when it came to cooking. As most of you know I’m not a huge seafood fan and I will admit cooking seafood is not what I would call one of my strengths.

So with B2 in residence I felt I had the confidence to attempt a dish she cooked a couple of weeks ago, I was really taken by the flavours. Plus, it looked pretty easy to cook. However it’s easy to sound cocky knowing that B2 was standing in the kitchen to watch my every move.

With the garlic sliced, the tomatoes quartered, and snowpeas washed there was nothing else to do but oil the pan and start the cooking process.


B2 commented so far so good, just make sure the tomatoes are soft before adding the prawns. I waited somewhat patiently until I could add the prawns. I was momentarily distracted and not paying attention to the prawns, when I heard B2 state Miss Emma come the prawns are turning pink you need to add soy sauce and raw sugar.


Justifiably chastised for not paying attention I hurried back to my post in front of the stove to add the following ingredients soy sauce and raw sugar.

Okay what I learnt; don’t use light soy sauce. Use the dark soy sauce, my dish had a combination of both. Next time I’ll stick with the dark soy sauce. Will I make it again……… maybe. Nevertheless by me cooking the dish we ended up with an impromptu flatmate dinner and both B1 and B2 were suitably impressed with my efforts.



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