Rightful Place on George Street

They are finally up… blood, sweat and tears I tell you.  Nevertheless I’m feeling pretty proud of myself.  I guess I better start at the beginning; my gate signage for our construction site finally took its rightful place on George Street last week.   I have to admit after staring at them, and constantly reworking them until they look just right. I was beginning to hate the damn things.

My feelings diminished a little bit towards them as I unravelled all the packaging they were wrapped it.  Yet I still couldn’t help, but find fault in what I had accomplished.  I continued to stare at them for another week as they lent against the wall, then all of a sudden they disappeared.

And then the moment, as I walked down George Street, two of my guys were standing on either side of the Gate 1 sign they gave me a big grin and a comment of they look good. I couldn’t help but stop and stare for just a moment.  Their grins were infectious  and as I stood staring at Gate 1 a massive grin appeared on my face and I couldn’t help but laugh and agreed yeah they do look good.

More signs to follow in the coming weeks, yet for the moment I’m just going to enjoy the fact my gate signage is up. YEAH.

gate-1.jpg   gate-2.jpg

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4 thoughts on “Rightful Place on George Street

  1. They look fantastic. Although it would have been much better if the hardhats were pink in the sign. Brighten it up a bit!!!

  2. Pink Hard Hat, you have a point, maybe I should put one in my site induction presentation….Instead of the boring old white one.

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