Pitt Street Finally Gets Signage

partner-board.jpg  Today was the big day, Pitt Street Hoardings finally got a couple of signs.     Once again they sat in the office for a couple of weeks, with me staring and pulling faces at them. Nevertheless today the office doors were thrown open as they were carried out and down to site.

I actually forgot all about them until I went for a walk at lunch time, and saw the guys putting them up… I have to say they don’t look half bad, and it is exciting to see people stop and look them.  Yep my own personal show and tell with the whole of Sydney…

I’m taking a deep breath and I’m feeling relieved that they are all up.. Now the question is, will they make it through the night without being assaulted with graffiti…

construction-peronnel-access.jpg  da-board.jpg  george-street-signage.jpg  On a side note George Street got a couple more signs as well.

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