Sporty I'm Not

I’m not a sports person. I never have been…I hated school athletic carnivals.  My dearest friends know I can’t catch a ball; I have the supreme talent of being able to trip over my own feet.  You’re talking to the girl who grew up attending the Mary Ann Swift Ballet School. There wasn’t a cricket game anywhere in sight.

So today I participated in a round robin competition of cricket. Here is a brief portrayal of my awkward talent.  The first game I was hit by a fast moving tennis ball and let me tell you it kind of stings. Second game thankful no injuries obtain. My final game I was hit 3 times by one of those soft cricket balls.  SERIOUSLY do I look like target practice. However I’ll be honest I kinda of did a little duck and weave dance when the ball was heading straight towards me.

I tried to warn my team that I wasn’t the best cricket player, well lets be truthful I’m crap at any sports…I think they thought I was being over dramatic in my statements I can’t play these types of games. So as they watched my attempt at batting in sort of stunned silence, with some weak arse cheers of “Go Emma”. I’m hoping they’ll remember next time to relegate me to the back of the field where I can I disappear into obscurity. Ah bliss…

So anyone want to play cricket???

420 George Street Cricket Team, don’t we look stylish…



3 thoughts on “Sporty I'm Not

  1. How about Sleep Marathon?

    I always count it as a sport !!

    I’m quite good at it….beat me gal :pp


  2. At least you gave it a go hun!
    Did you see our team won the final? Thanks to me, being on the sidelines!! 🙂

  3. Oh dear Em, i’m laughing my arse of just picturing you playing cricket. Wish i had’ve been there and yes i do remember us trying to devise plans on just how to get out of PE. Ha, ha, ha, ha.

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