Extra Stitches It's a Mystery to Me

Ok slight problem, it would appear my scarf has grown, in the wrong direction.

The little card holder on the ball of wool says 14 stiches equals 10 cm, so to make a scarf I’m to double the amount. 14×2 = 28 stitches.  I know it started on 28 stitches I counted it about million times, however I’ve just done a recount and it would appear I have 40 stitches in a row.  How did these extra stitches mysteriously appear? Mmmm the mind boggles.

Know I know I’m suppose to unpick or whatever the knitting term is but I just can’t bring myself to do it, because you see to me by scarf looks beautiful even it a little bit wonky looking.


3 thoughts on “Extra Stitches It's a Mystery to Me

  1. Too funny Emma!! It looks beautiful and is definitely one of a kind just like its owner… The way to combat the ‘beauty’ is to pull down the loop on the first stitch of each row, and make sure you only knit through one strand of wool. But if you are happy not to, then who am I to object!

  2. I have told you…it looks bit wider than usual.

    Who know, it maybe the new trend for this winter when everybody has got a wider scarf?

    Enjoy knitting

  3. Hi Emma

    Well once you begin a relationship with Purl then it’s a whole new experience. Good to hear from you and know that you are happily having fun with life.

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