The Races

On Saturday I attended a team event. We went to the Randwick Racecourse apart from drinking way to much champagne it brought back many memories of my childhood.

The last time i went to the races was in high school, and let me tell you it wasn’t by choice. I remember my father dragging Jodie and I up to Brisbane for one of his horses. And as per usual it ran at the rear of the pack. I’m pretty sure Jodes will remember that day, I got in trouble for touching the sun roof of the car.. And the lady with mole set him off in a rage. To think we can laugh about it now.

However I have another recollection of me at the races one that makes me smile. Anna Flatley and I were inseparably as children, I think our parents thought we were joined at the hipped.  We were dressed up like little ladies our hair braided at the hair dressers, for it was a special occasion we were off to the races… Some things are vivid I remember the joy of been allow to have hot chips and sauce in paper cup,  having our photo taken, Anna more willing then me, the smell of the horses being washed down after their race, hanging on to one of the leads as Mum’s thoroughbred stood with their head down letting us pat them. We thought we own the races … If truth be told us kids treated it like our play ground.

Picture from the Northern Star – Deep Reflection


2 thoughts on “The Races

  1. Oh those were the days, and yes i can remember that day only to well, do you also remember the hounding we got to dress up to go out to dinner and someone else turned up in a tracksuit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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