My New Theory On Personal Training

So I’ve got a new theory about personal training sessions, combine them with DIY renovations and you would have a huge hit. I’ve past this theory on to Mchottie and have decide if he takes me up on the idea he just needs to give me due credit.

The reason for this theory is I decided to embark on the task of sanding back my kitchen bench over the weekend. I think insanity pretty much sums up this idea. Anyway as painful as this exercise is, its been kind of fun…(More on kitchen reno’s in another entry.)

So let me give you and idea of what I did over the weekend. I put my upper body strength to good use. . I sanded, scrapped off varnish and did I mention I sanded a lot.  I seriously think sanding could put lifting weights to shame.

This little exercise wore me out by Sunday night I couldn’t  move my arms or shoulders . I was sore on Monday but nothing major think I was more tired to be honest.

However then I got a belt sander on Monday night.. Oh my god cool is an understatement… I was warned to be careful as it would be powerful and heavy. Lets just say my first attempt using it, I slid across the kitchen floor as it zoom down the bench. Nevertheless I figure out the trick to maintain control. You got to lock in your core muscles and your set. I  became the controller of the machine not the other way around.

Like I said this weekend was all about DIY renovations and I gave myself a personal training session at the same time, arms and core workout what more could a girl ask for.

Mmmm oh yeah a tradesman that can do this sort of stuff in a  couple of hours.


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