Dentist…mmm Dr Emma

I still have a baby tooth, and I grind my teeth. Last week I notice my baby tooth was a bit sensitive so I knew it was time to find out what my options were if it fell out. Because lets face it I’m slightly vain about this and I don’t want a gap in my mouth.

So while I was sitting in the dentist chair for my check up, Dr Catherine ran through my options. Now I’m only going to talk about one option because I’m still in a state of shock.

Me: So what are my options if the baby tooth falls out?

­­­Dr Catherine: Ok well you have a few. A flipper, an implant, a bridge

Me: Implant what’s that?

Dr Catherine explains that the implant procedure and how realistically it’s the more naturally looking out of the lot of them.

(In hindsight of course it is, it’s the most bloody expensive)

Me: mmm Ok so what’s the cost of an implant?

Dr Catherine: About $6-7 grand

Me: WHAT, are you serious $6-7 grand for one bloody tooth, do I get a discount if I do two teeth…

Dr Catherine laughing

Me: No seriously do I… I did with my wisdom teeth four out cheaper than one at time.

Dr Catherine still laughing no it’s just for one tooth.

Me: Oh My god seriously I need to change professions, 6-7 grand for one tooth.  I guess its time I got that mouth guard to protect that baby tooth.. Because lets face it I’m keeping this baby tooth.

Dr Catherine: Laughing will do and x-ray to check out baby tooth, then organise appointments for mouth imprints for mouth guard.

Me: Shaking head… Seriously need to change professions…


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