Happy Birthday Jodes

God saw you hungry and created food. He saw you thirsty and created wine. When you were in the dark he created light. When he saw you without a cute, adorable, funny, FRIEND…………..HE created ME!!!

I can hear you laughing and I’m pretty sure you’re shaking your head.

I’m writing this dedication to you Jodie. Because realistically every now and then you need to put yourself first and sometimes you forget to. This is the perfect week to commit to this goal because it’s your birthday and I’m reminding YOU that your to take the week not the just a day. And I will be checking in with you everyday to make sure you’ve spent a little bit of time on yourself…

Plus I want you to be able to read this message anytime this week leading up to your birthday and on your birthday if you want a bit of a warm fuzzy feeling. I would have loved to be going home this weekend to help celebrate.

Occasionally you need to be told what an effect you can have on someone. Therefore I’m going to talk about Jodes, as it’s her birthday this week and to me she is someone special.

Without fail she has been there by my side, it started in high school, every Thursday and every second weekend she would accompany me to my fathers place while I attended my access visits. I asked her a couple of years ago why she came to those visits. Her response was not sure just knew you needed me. I survived those visits because of her and she made them very memorable.

She was right I did need her and to this day I need her. She makes me laugh uncontrollable at myself; she actually listens to me when I need to be heard. Listens to me cry because a moment of fear has over come me. Supports and encourages me.  But most importantly believes in me and my dreams when I start to have a moment of doubt. She continues to remind me that anything is possible as long as we continue to believe and hope.

To my amazing friend who has an inner strength that she sometimes forgets she possesses. It shines through when she thinks it doesn’t. You continue to keep your sense humour when sometimes you want to cry.  When you do cry I wish I was beside you demolishing a box a chocolates and drinking a bottle of our favourite wine together.  Because lets face occasionally it is the answer to everything. Sometimes changed can be forced upon us, however you continue to adapt and transform yourself in one very inspirational woman. Don’t ever forget that.

Here is to the next phase or your life, we both know I’m not going anywhere, I might be a few hundred odd miles away, but we have the unbreakable bond created from Centre Street days.  How many people can say they can transport themselves right back to one of those memories and giggle to the point they have tears rolling down their cheeks.

I have complete faith in you and the things that are about to come your way, because I believe you’re one in million and I’m extremely lucky to have you in my life. So thank you for being you and of course being there for me.  Plus as Jim Hayes says “An old friend will help you move. A good friend will help you move a dead body.”

Happy Birthday Jodes here’s to a lot more laughter and memories.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jodes

  1. Thank you so much Em, you will never know what those words mean to me i often go back and read it. THANK YOU!!!! You are one in a million!!

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