Babysitting Adventure

Good friends of mine are in town this week and we caught up yesterday afternoon / evening. The Gallagher’s have two children who I adore. I babysat the kids while they went out for dinner and a movie.  Zoe is 4 and Nick is 3.

Let me set the scene.

The Gallagher’s are staying in a service apartment in the city and the bathroom is attached to the main bedroom. The door has one of those locks where you push it in, but you need a key to unlock it.

After playing games of “Go Fish” and Snakes and Ladders which apparently I suck at. Bedtime comes around I read them a few books while their tucked up in bed. I say good night turn the lights off and wander into the bedroom to watch television. Now im under the impression they are sleeping when actually it’s called pretending.

Next thing I know Zoe comes in announcing she wants to go to the toilet. So I respond with okay. She is in there for a little while and im like you ok she goes yeah im finished now… I went okay wash your hands and flush toilet… She completes this task than comes out and is hanging on to the door handle. As im watching her Nick comes in.. “Emmma my tummy hurts I need to do a poo” all I could think of was oh f*&k. Trying to keep calm I go ok I look back at Zoe and thinking what is she doing with the door… I proceed to ask her and her response was nothing. She shuts the door takes off saying Night Emma. I should have known then and there she was up to something.

As I take Nicks hand to lead him to the bathroom I begin to turn the handle a sinking realisation hits. My little princess had locked the door.

Complete panic rages on in my head as I realised I can’t open the door, Nick is staring at me rubbing his belly saying it hurts and he needs to go.  I could feel myself getting flustered. I mean seriously I’m a competent woman but all of sudden all clear thinking is out the window. BECAUSE I can’t get in OR find a key, logically all I could think surely there is a key somewhere.. Go into the kitchen to see if its on the bench then realise ahhh fuck its one of those plastic keycards to open the door they weren’t given keys… During this whole process Nick is following me around telling me he needs to go to the toilet and tummy hurts.  I’m like I know sweetie hang on for me.  Finally I have my light bulb moment it dawns on me to ring reception. As the phone is ringing, Nick tugging on my hand, the phone is finally answer. In a rush I explain to the guy I have no idea the room number I’m babysitting please tell me you have a key to the bathroom the door is lock. And you need to understand I have 3 year old busting to go to the toilet. As the dude holds back laughter he goes no worries, we do have a key we will be up there shortly.

Let’s face it I’ve never been so happy to see someone in all my life.

Problem solved and Nick goes to the toilet. Now let me just say I completely forget I had put a night time nappy on him, I don’t think anything of it as he flushes the toilet washes his hands and goes back to bed. MEEEEEE not thinking anything of it watches him traipse out door, when I hear a massive thud. Unbeknownst to me he had turn around to come back into the room to give me his nappy and he hits the corner of the door..

Ahhhh F*&K echo’s in my head. As I look at the tears streaming down his cheek. I’m giving him a kiss and cuddle saying it will be ok, the voice in my head goes oh god their going to think you beat their child. As that thought circled around in my head I was pretty sure there was a big egg bump forming on his head.

As I explain the situation to the parents, they couldn’t hold back their laughter assuring me it’s okay. It was a fun night I love those kids and can’t wait till my next babysitting adventure…. Mmm I think.


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