Ultimate Christmas Gift

Email conversation with Mchottie this week.. FINALLY I get to train the trainer.  Its been a year in the making but finally I get to have a bit of justice.. Well here’s hoping so. Now this is what I call the ultimate Christmas gift.

Hi Em yes I am well and truly up for a session this Saturday at 10? Also I have a Christmas offer to make you…after I train you, you get to train me for half an hour and inflict as much pain as you think you can. Let me know if this sounds like an attractive offer! I know you are rubbing your hands together like a criminal mastermind right now

OH MY GOD you’re so on…. Rubbing my hands in glee is an understatement.. LUNGES & SQUATS baby that’s all I’m saying!

Ha! I thought as much! Just think about your future Em…..that’s all I’m gonna say. See you at 10 tomorrow.

Hahaha yeah that thought crossed my mind about 2 minutes after I pressed the send button. Then I just pictured you standing against the wall squatting with the heaviest weight ball I can find and I thought to myself ahhh stuff it.  The risk is worth it. Haha I’m so brave over email. See you at tomorrow.

I’ll keep you posted on the outcome but let’s face it I’m just hoping  that he experiences that moment where he grabs a handrail to go down a flight of stairs  and  groans inwardly. LOL now that would be justice.


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