Radox Bath Salts

I found the perfect Christmas gift for Mchottie on the weekend. Knowing I was compounding the world of pain that was going to head my way, come our next session. I decided that I may as well push the limits. He has a sense of humour, I knew to a point I’d get away with it.

As I wrapped the Radox Bath Salts and wrote my message (I couldn’t resist thought you might need this… And yes I know a world of pain is heading my way… But it was worth it.)  I felt the hysterical laughter bubble over… I’m in deep shit there is no way he is going to suffer memory loss over the break. Mmm maybe I need a bribery strategy. Yeah that sounds like a good idea.

I bravely handed over the gift so it could be placed in his locker while I went off to do my work out. About 10 minutes later I saw his shoes appear in my eye line as I was cycling…Gulp.. No turning back now I slowly raise my head with a firm smile in place to see Mchottie staring at me.

So I got my Christmas present.

Nervous laughter hahahh yeah couldn’t resist, if I’m going down I may as well put in a 100 % effort

I’d say going down in a blaze of glory hey Em?

Again the nervous laughter with a fail attempt at Bravo mmm yep all the way!

As I watched him stretch one of his legs he continued to chat and watch me with a glimmer of a smile…. I knew I was being psych out, oh yeah there is no doubt about it I’m so going down in January. As his next client appeared behind me, I watched Mchottie take a step forward and as he walked by his words were spoken very softly “Oh and Em my legs and glutes are still sore… “As my mouth kind of gaped open with no response. In my head all I could hear was “oh shit” He knew I received the message loud and clear. Come January my ability to walk down stairs with finesse is going to be a distant memory.


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