So the moment of truth is near, tomorrow I have my first session with Mchottie after the ultimate Christmas gift.

I was living in a bit of delusional state thinking he might have drank to much over the Christmas  / New Year break and perhaps lost his memory and forgotten about the so call pain I might have inflicted on him.

As I was umming and ahhing about how I should approach my next session, it was like he almost could hear my thoughts, as my hands hovered over the keyboard to compose his email. I received the text message.

Hey Em Happy New Year, How are you?  Well I’ve finally recovered from your Christmas present… hahahah… When are we training together again?

As I read his text I couldn’t help but burst out laughing for some reason I pictured him smiling the most evil smile at the thought of our next session.  And reality hit he really hadn’t forgotten and there was no way out of it. No amount or bribery, sweet talking was going to get me out of the world of pain heading my way.

As I responded to his text I knew the banter for the New Year had begun.  I’m thinking your rubbing your hands in glee. Mmm now that depends are you going to be nice to me? Or am I hiring a wheelchair for the next month. Or do I resort to bribery? Guess I’ll find out on Saturday.

His response you will be treated in accordance with your physiological needs. It’s all water under the bridge… That’s not to say I have forgotten… but I think I am letting go.

Lets face it he was trying to lull me into a false sense of security. Those pearly whites he flashes at me when he smiles are going to show me no mercy come Saturday.

So with a deep breathe a shake of my head and a smile that knows what is coming my way. I responded with seriously, nice try BUT who are you trying to kid we both know I’m going to be in a world of pain on Sunday and all I’m going to want to do is curl up in the foetal position and cry like a baby. Well that’s if I can move myself in that position. Ah yep the drama queen is back.

So stay tunned will I surprise us both and survive the session or will I be begging for mercy for him to stop. It’s all up in air but come tomorrow one of us is going to be the winner. And all I can do is take comfort in the fact that after my session he is going to be getting his arse kicked at martial arts.


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