Trainers Are The New Silhouettes

Buying new trainers is like buying a pair of jeans, you’ve got to find the right fit. So my search is underway yet again for the perfect trainer. Because let’s face it part of us believe those trainers are going to turn us into the elite athlete that we know is hidden deep within us. Mmmm or is that just my crazy delusion….standing up there on the Olympic Podium collecting gold.

I admit I’m fussy about my shoe requirements. It’s about stability, support, light, comfort, that bouncy squashy feeling you get when you run and let’s not forget that girly aspect of i got to like the colours. So what if trainers are functional they can at least give you a false sense of sexy with the right colour combinations.

Let’s just digress to price for a moment as I stare at some of them strategically placed on the shop walls for maximum effect. I’m mentally having a heart attack trying to justify the cost in my head. I can’t help but think for that price I want them to have the ability to make me a cup of coffee. Mmm is that asking too much????

So after annihilating yet another pair again I’m back trolling the sports stores. Deep down I already know what pair I want however I’m balking at the price. Nevertheless I just I can’t help myself when I’m in the store by touching and staring at them, you could almost say I levitate towards them. I almost wish I could take them out for a test run, before handing over my hard earned cash.  However as you can tell it’s almost a done deal, those babies will be coming home with me. I swear their whispering sweet nothings in my ears.


One thought on “Trainers Are The New Silhouettes

  1. You should do the walk of walks on the slim piece of rubber which marks your footprint to see what shape will fit you best – and as for price…if you choose last year’s colour it seems to take about $100 bucks off!!! Enjoy the search but enjoy the exercise more! 🙂

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