Mizuno Wave Nirvana 6

After a tragic run on the treadmill last night I decided that I could no longer procrastinate, I needed to do another round of stalking at Athlete’s Foot.  It was down to 3 brands the hunt was on, all I needed to do was make a decision. Timeframe I had 30 minutes, could I succeed in my challenge.

As Terry piled up the boxes beside me I scrutinized every detail of the shoes constantly coming back to the pair I’ve been salivating over a month. I admit I hate Nikes; my feet are too wide for Brooks, I’m a massive fan of the New Balance 1225 series, jury still out on asics. As I debated the pros and cons out loud, two different shoes on two different feet it was getting clearer and clearer where my heart lied.

Stability check, support check, bouncy squashy feeling check check, sensation of running on air due to the feeling of lightness oh yeah that’s check, Girly aspect covered with perfect colour combination. Downfall they don’t seem to have the ability to make me coffee, however I’m sure they set off the definition in my calve muscles. Mmmm or maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part!!

Tomorrow will be their first outing… here’s hoping they live up to my expectations.


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