Running Makes Me Happy

Tonight I’m liberating one of the slogans from Lorna Jane “Running Makes Me Happy”. I’m must be drunk on endorphins because I really can’t believe I just wrote that statement. Me loving running, my god what’s happening to me…

I’m sitting here still in my running gear, calves slightly throbbing and grinning from ear to ear. I’ve just completed my second road run and for the first time I can actually say, I’m going to be able to this… I can’t stop laughing because at this moment I’m thinking who needs a personal trainer, I’m floating on air, I think my sheer stubbornness might just pay off.

Now I don’t want to jinx myself but I feel so motivated and positive that I can see the two targets I have set for myself within reach. I’m just going to remain calm and take one run at time.

So let me recap what I felt as I ran.  My mind went blank and I even zone out from the music even though it was blaring in my ears. I concentrated on my body and what it was feeling, reminding myself to breathe.  Any negative thought that entered my mind was pushed aside by the auto cues from RunKeeper. I honestly felt like I had my own personal cheer-leading squad in my ear.

However I’m remaining firm. I need some flatness, the hills just seem to breed, I conquer one and another one appears before my eyes.

And I admit it, I can’t help but stare at my map on RunKeeper with a massive grin on my face.


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