Another Road Run Bites the Dust

It’s pure stubbornness that is keeping me going with this goal, I had an overwhelming urge to throw in the towel this afternoon, it was so strong I could feel the frustration building…As I rounded the corner and stared at the hill I knew it was make or break moment,  with sheer determination I conquer that hill. I FINALLY ran to the top. I swear my massive sigh of relief could have been heard in China, third time lucky baby, it was then that the feeling of quitting deserted me and calmness descended.

I’m not really sure what is driving me at the moment apart from the fact I refuse to let it beat me.  My first target is within reach. I only have to run another 1.7km than I’ve made it. Key word there is “only 1.7km” it seems so far away, mmmm oh yeah all those bloody hills are in the way….


2 thoughts on “Another Road Run Bites the Dust

  1. I cannot believe what I have just read. I obviously do not know my daughter at all . Congratulations AND ALL POWER TO YOU EMMA, WELL DONE , AND YES i t FINALLY worked.

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