Random Observations – Part 6

  • Names exchange in women’s change room at the gym…. Me and her chatting away randomly on and off over the  year and completely forgetting her  name then realizing I’m in deep shit as she knows mine and invites me to the pub to have dinner with her and her boyfriend.Enlisting Mchottie’s help with my bimbo forgetfulness and feeling massive sensation of relief as he came through for me. Loving his work, I have to say… Perhaps private investigator could be his next career choice
  • Listening to a friends heartbreak knowing nothing I could say would take her pain way.
  • Realising that exercising has become apart of who I am.
  • Also realising that it is okay to relax the pressure on myself and not exercise for a couple of days.
  • Rachelle my beautician is back WOO HOO…Some things I hate changing and my beautician is one of them.
  • Knowing that Elks is going to be leaving soon and moving back to head office to work on another project, and I am struggling with this change. I feel there might be moments of separation anxiety.
  • Stuffing my team with chocolate due to their stress levels and watching them become all docile… The effect was fascinating to watch, for the next few hours they pottered around the office talking softly and no swearing in sight.


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