Lorna Jane

Tonight I was a walking talking advertisement for Lorna Jane.  As I changed into my running gear I could not help but laugh. Lorna Jane tights, Lorna Jane “Emma Run Singlet” and my hidden shame a headband. Yes my friends I have a headband…. Emma is wearing a headband while running. Have I gone stark raving mad…we all know I look dicky wearing a headband… Well at least it is black… Its somewhat hidden well expect for the white Lorna Jane logo. This brings me back to my first statement, tonight I was a walking talking advertisement for Lorna Jane…

Tonight’s run was about stretching out my quadriceps muscles. They were unbelievably tight, throbbing, stiff you name it I was feeling it. I did not run far tonight but It was enough for my legs to feel relief god it felt good. I could feel my legs sighing in relief. Never again will I ignore my body when it comes to stretching.

I did find out something interesting though tonight I ran 1.14km in 7.29mins.

I also found a lovely park near my place that I did not know existed.

Still on track to hit my second target.

“Listen to your body. Do not be a blind and deaf tenant”.- Dr. George Sheehan


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