Random Observations – Part 8

  • Meeting my nephew was a very emotional day.
  • Laughing uncontrollable at story, where the daughter had to explain what a Brazilian wax was to her mother.
  • The Elks has finally packed up his desk…he moves back to head office next week. I am sad. I knew it was coming but the day has finally arrived… He is no longer going to be my Thursday morning coffee bitch.
  • Designing a beer stubby holder for my team, with our Incident & Injury Free Motto –It’s Cool to Care, people laugh at its dorkiness however, everyone in the company knows it.
  • I finally return to the gym and realised it has a revolving door of employees. To me that says something about the management style. But than again, it could be about a team that is just not in harmony.
  • Having a conversation with friends about self-image. Understanding your own, self-image is big part of your own happiness. It is amazing how today’s society can dictate how we see ourselves.
  • Wearing all my PPE gear and standing on Pitt Street waiting for the professional photographer and AGAIN having the  fanatical random facts man find me.  WHY I ask you WHY do they find me. First it was facts about the crane and today it was construction facts on skycrapers.
  • Having random people on the train strike up conversations with me, even though i’m wearing ear phones or reading a book. Again I state WHY ME!!!
  • Given an awesome idea for my bathroom,… Yes Livvy you are a genius. And thanks Jodes for checking out details with your brother in law.

And Finally

  • Having a surprise visit from my father at Easter time and enjoying the time we spent together.

Incident & Injury Free - "It's Cool to Care"


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