I Heart Running

My calves were burning. I develop a stitch, which I manage to push through. Runny nose, which lets face it, is not attractive. In addition, the final insult to injury was the desperate need to pee and let’s face it I hate public toilets so of course I had to hold until I got home…Nevertheless the funny part is I loved every minute of it.  What a strange obsession to love. I have completed my 18th road run. I have 1.90km to go until I hit 5km and the best part is I am feeling good.

However, what I really wanted was to find the bike/walk track that I came across yesterday in my unexpected running travels… I like to view it as my moment of disorientation not about me getting lost … Why is it when you want to find something you never can… No doubt it will reappear when I least expect it.


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