Skipping Leads To Boxing

As I followed Michelle up three levels of steep stairs I knew we were about to enter dingy looking room filled with boxing equipment. Deep breath as I stared at the dude leaning on the ropes of a boxing ring.  There was no going back, I was here to attempt my first boxing class in a place dedicated to boxing/martial arts. Was I nuts this place just screamed hard core mans gym.

I knew I was nervous this was something different. I had my trusty side kick with me so whatever happens we were bound to have a laugh.

I thought briefly of Mchottie tonight as the instructor, I will call him Ali goes grab a skipping rope. .  I think the look of horror on my face said it all. Flashes of my fail attempts at skipping flash before my eyes as I did a darting glance at Michelle who was laughing. I then return my gaze back to Ali who smiled and goes how are you with skipping? before I could stop myself I responded with your joking right… I mumbled as I stumble towards the ropes do I look like someone that skips. I knew immediately if Mchottie could see me he would be laughing uncontrollably… Knowing full well I resisting the urge not to tell Ali to f*&k off!!

As we began skipping, I could not help but glare at Michelle for two reasons one what am I doing here? And two how come she is making skipping look so easy!  I manage to tangle myself up, trip over myself and look like a retard. I was vaguely aware that a buzzer went off in the background. Keep going Ali stated… As I concentrated on my dubious skipping skills I finally found a bit of coordination, okay this is not so bad. Dear lord my calves.  The one-minute buzzer really needs to go off NOW!!! Then reality hit I better be able to run tomorrow. Finally the buzzer Woo Hoo.. Which promptly followed with Ali stating go another minute. And me of course screaming obscenities in my head at him.

With few near misses on both sides, we survived the class. It was fun. A total different style to what I was use to. Would I be going back again, yes the whole atmosphere and work out has piped my curiosity. In addition, I want to be able to skip with a bit of finesse. Delay reaction happen about 30 mins after the class as I was walking home. When I realised my arms were shaking uncontrollably. Was this normal am I supposed to shake like this. As I sit here typing this entry I can feel my upper body had a workout… My calves are feeling okay… however; all I can think of is skipping rope. I really really want one. The way I see it surely it could help with running. Ahhh yes it always comes back to my running.


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