Random Observations – Part 11 (aka Bimbo Moment No.2)

On Sunday, I had a run in with my brother’s garage roller door. The roller door won the battle.

Note to one self I should not try and do a commando roll through it, as its coming down.

As I dusted myself off my shirt and checked that, my arm was okay I decided it was best to keep my embarrassment to myself.

However as I sat on the balcony with big brother just the two of us chatting about life in general I go to him can I ask you a question he goes sure.

How the f*&k do you get out of the garage after you park the car since the flippy mechanism is left in the car. I had to press button, lock the car, and roll underneath the roller door. It nearly took my arm off.

As big brother stared at me, a grin spread across his face as his laughter echo around us. Ummm Em there is a button on the side-wall… And you know that small key on the car ring.. Just put that in the lock outside the garage as it also brings the door down.

As I burst out laughing at my less than observant skills all I could do was state Right…well don’t I feel like a pork chop.

As Jus kept laughing I received a hug, followed by a clink of our beer bottles as he responded with Yep!!


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