Back to Basics

Sometimes you have to go back to the basics when running. I forgot that. My frustrations has been mounting about not closing in on my second target. Running my 3km is very doable, sometimes it is just under other days is just over. I sometimes can push past the pain barriers other days I want to stomp my feet in pure frustration.

However, during my run this morning I received a text messages from Jodes. Her irritation at her exercise attempt was apparent. As I mulled over my response in my head I knew two things one she needed a positive reinforcement in her ability and two a reminder that sometimes it is best to go back the basics.  Then reality hit I realised I was forgetting to take my own advice.

I can run my 3km sometimes with an amount of ease it scares me improving my time in each attempt, other times my body screams in protest as I try to push myself just to get into a rhythm… Nevertheless, once again I am experiencing a bit of a mental block trying to hit my second target of 5km. So here, it is I am going back to the basics.  Today after hitting my 3km, I resorted back to an age-old method run, walk, run, each time shorting the amount I walked and increase my running time.

It seems weird to go back to the basics after achieving first target. However, I just needed a reminder that I can do this; remove the pressure off myself, relax, slow it down to a point, enjoy the moment and remember that my fitness is improving and most importantly, I am capable achieving it.


One thought on “Back to Basics

  1. So very very true Em, tomorrow im doing just that forgetting about how fast im going and just walking and throwing in a bit of a jog inbetween!!

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