5 Dollar

Last night I caught up with a couple of friends and we decided to head down to the wharf, for dinner and drinks. We ended up at a place where on Thursdays they do $5 dollar drinks and pizza. It did sound like a good idea at the time. However we all realised that we have gotten to the stage in our lives that 5 dollars drinks and pizza is just not our thing anymore. I guess you could say we have become more refined in our tastes. Hahah who am I kidding…

Pink Pussycats taste like that children cough medicine, gross and shuddering at the thought of ever having to consume another one. It didn’t take us long to resort to a lovely bottle of New Zealand wine, definitely more our style. Shari is gluten free girl so no $5 dollar pizzas for her, however Mich and I braved them, unbelievably bad is putting it nicely, I’ve never seen so much oil, and even compressing it between two napkins didn’t even break the surface of the oil. Perhaps it would be more fitting to say $5 dollars worth of oil. I also know I’ve become one of those people that all I could think of was when I ate the pizza, I would have to do at least 3 runs to counteract what I was putting in my body.

The food might have been dodgy but at least the company was excellent.

However I think the revelation of the night was about Shazza. As Chauffeur Dee gave Mich and Me a lift home, I couldn’t help but comment I wouldn’t have pegged you for someone that drives automatic, especially in this type of car. The response I think shocked both Mich and I.. SHAZZA the rev head doesn’t know to drive a manual. Questions quickly flow of what do you mean you don’t know how to drive a manual but but but your obsessed with cars I don’t understand. Laughter flow as we got our explanation… As Dee gave us a peek at what the car was capable of doing, Shazza couldn’t help but point out Em we know deep down you love fast cars… I went mmm yeah this is nice real nice almost jealous… hahah but let’s face it I can’t afford one of these, I’ll end up with some dinky little………

One day I’ll own a car again but for the time being it’s me and the silver bullet with yellow stripes down the side. Ahhhh got to love the train.


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