Divine Miss S

Friday night I had dinner with the Divine Miss S… Occasionally when we chat, I see glimpses of myself when I was her age. The big difference between us she is definitely more studious than I ever was.

Nevertheless to me she is unique, she like a ball of positive energy, passionate about her life. She can make me laugh uncontrollably; One statement from Friday night comes to mine “I would marry Slash you know… As she told me she got tickets to his concert… flashing me a massive grin she giggled than proceed to take a sip of her wine as she bounced round on the couch mmmm actually no, I would marry the Greek God Poseidon if he was alive.” Again, I state to you predictability is not something I associate with you… I am not sure how often you are told this however; something one of your friends said to you upset me so if in any way for a moment you doubt yourself I am letting you know your one sexy, sassy, confident young lady who has the world at her feet…

I read a comment recently that I thought was fitting to you.. “Good girls follow the rules. Bad girls break the rules. True divas write their own rules”!!!

But most importantly I love the fact we’ve become great friends even if occasionally you have questionable taste in movies… District 8 need I say more… hahah I can so hear your response from here.


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