Support Partner Via Text

My support partner lives roughly 800km away and occasionally I need help getting out of bed in the morning when I need to go for a run before work. I always mention it to her the night before so she knows I’m thinking about going.

Now it must be noted here there are only two people in my life who seem to get away with texting and calling me at ungodly hour of the morning.  BECAUSE I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON! As I laid in bed thinking off all the reasons why I shouldn’t go for run…. Oh My God I think that was lighting…as I burrowed down further into my doona.  My Phone buzzes as I receive a text message and it brings me back to reality.

The follow text message conversation takes place:

Jodes – Are you awake??????

Me – I’m awake

Jodes- LOL are you going for a run?

Me – I don’t feel like it but I guess I will sooobbbbbbbbb!!! (I was swinging my legs out of bed groaning and glaring at my phone as I was responding to her text).

Jodes -I’m having issues getting out of bed do you think this will be less painful in summer? LOL

Me-God yes now get the f*&K up because I’m just about to put trainers on “we run together we suffer together bad girls bad girls what u gonna do.”

Jodes-I’m dressed just stretching and putting shoes on groan it’s still bloody dark LOL!

Text conversation ceases as we both head out to do complete our morning torture. Dark, light even  rain I always end up in giggles knowing Jodes is glaring at her phone or alarm going “why seriously why”.. And the reason I know this, is because Im doing exactly the same thing!!


2 thoughts on “Support Partner Via Text

  1. LMAO omg that is sooo funny to read what we do every morning LOL but i have to say that some mornings i wouldnt go if it wasnt for that ‘friendly’ texting hahahahah so thank you ………..i think!!

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