My Team My Family

I remember going for a job interview a few years ago and getting that annoying question what are your strengths and weakness. I remember replying one of my strengths was loyalty. Their response was but that can also be a weakness.

To this day, I still believe it’s strength however, I am finally understanding why it could be a weakness.

In 2006 I was hired to assist two charismatic men which would change my life. Those two men than convinced me to follow them to site. And being the loyal soul I am; I packed us up, and moved us to our new location.

Where I was introduce to my new team, As the team grew I became to see them as my family. My office / site team became  my Monday to Friday family. Since that faithful day in July 2007, I’ve had the amazing privilege of working with a group of people that make me laugh everyday.

Don’t get me wrong it’s had its moments but I realise that this team has affected me in ways I didn’t think possible. My team complete me yes I know corny. They have seen me at my very worst and my very best. They continue to stand by me and most importantly support me. With smiles, humour, laughter, encouragement, quite a few heated arguments, tantrum throwing and of course compliments they are there without fail.

Over the last few years, we have celebrated, engagements, marriages, births, 1st property ownerships. We’ve also supported each other through just a crappy day, sicknesses that were almost life threatening, deaths and break ups. Through it all, we’ve manage to keep our sanities. And that comes down to fact that our bosses managed to pick a random bunch people who’s personalities at time clashed. However as time passed we turned into tight knit group, that bounced off each other and have created some sensational memories that make me smile.

Over the last month as the job gradually winds down my team is slowly being redistributed to other jobs. Because it’s the industry where in, construction you go where the jobs are. Realistically I understand however emotionally I have found it hard, my heart breaks just a little bit more as I pack up one of my guys. So I guess that’s where the weakness comes in. I never thought of the end. Of what would happen to us all. I just thought we would stay together forever.. Yes, I know a very naive concept. Where all in agreement it’s like mum and dad are divorcing and their figuring out visitation rights.

There is no guarantee that we will work together again, as great teams get split up to encourage and hopefully create a similar connection in other teams that are struggling to bond.

I’ve worked with many teams, however this team beats them all, which is a big call because I’ve work with some great people. But this team is unique as I really do see them as an extended family. I want to make little miniatures of them and take them with me. I want to continue to hear the screeching of Emmmmmma across the office, having the 2-way radio as back ground noise. I love watching the office turn into a preschool as we let off steam. But what i’ll miss the most is having a office ring with laughter no matter what mood where in, there is always laughter.

So I dedicate this post to my team.. Thank you for some of the most amazing memories and the uncontrollable laughter. Who knows what the future wholes for us, but I have no doubt our paths will continue to cross.

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