Random Observations – Part 14

  • Happy Birthday to my big brother, Love you heaps. Lunch is on me this week for a change and I promise not to take you to Maccas.
  • Being inflicted with daytime telly when sick forces any sane person to go to the dark side and get Foxtel. I obsessed on it for 24 hours…Plus the end of financial year deal was to good to resist. So it’s official I’ve finally joined the cult of pay TV customers. Couch potato living here I come….Mmmm perhaps I should install a bar fridge and microwave next to my couch so I will never have to move. Okay there are few flaws in that plan but one can dream.
  • Sad very sad my puppy dog died. Calley was apart of my life for 15 years, kind of gloomy at the thought Cal won’t be bouncing out and greeting me at the gate, the next time I’m home.
Calley And Her Toy

One thought on “Random Observations – Part 14

  1. She was the best of them all. Truly the sweetest and least neurotic of all doctor poodles that I have know.

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