My confession, I’m putting it in writing then I have no choice but to kick myself in the butt, pull up my socks and get myself back on track. I admit I’ve had couple of wobbly months with my eating and exercise, and its time to refocus.

Honestly, I blame the upheaval of the team separating with me losing focus in my long-term goal staying fit and healthy.  Emotional eating it happens every now and then so I am not going to beat myself up about it…  Plus I wouldn’t trade any of those memories from the many team events we have of that late that has involved too much food and way too much alcohol.

Exercise wise I have been okay but I could be better. The winter months are making it harder to run but I’m still going even if it is a struggle. Getting sick didn’t help either.  However to survive the rest of the cold months I have my gloves for when it’s cold.  And on the weekend, I  invested in a wind cheater. Lets just say it was my bargain from the op shop, I just couldn’t justify paying a fortune for a running jacket, because lets face it I’m  really not that dedicate to run in the rain.

It might sound like I’m disappointed in myself, however I’m not. I’m just reminding myself that it doesn’t matter how together I feel about exercise and eating I still need to be aware that occasionally my wheels do fall even if most of the time I have exercising and eating under control. I have worked too hard to let it all go so I’m reminding myself that I’m still doing it I just need to up the anti.

Here’s to a whole new day.


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