Random Observations – Part 16

  • I replaced batteries in two watches today…Just as I was about to pay, the guy check the watches to make sure they were working correctly. When he announced, “Hey did you notice that the second hand goes backwards on this watch, I’ve never seen that before.”  I looked at him in stunned silence “Backwards are you sure??  Yes see?  As we both stared at the watch completely fascinated by the second hand going backwards all I could think of was sweet I’m losing time does that mean I decrease in age???
  • In a previous post I mention I brought a second hand running jacket, realistically I am not that dedicated to run in the rain. However, I am feeling a bit out for sorts and I knew the only solution was to run.  So tonight, I ran in the rain. Let’s just take a moment here and appreciate what I just wrote. I RAN IN THE RAIN. I do believe I had a moment of hard core DEDICATION. I was one of those nutters I see running around in the rain. And I have to say I loved it. GO the rain jacket it’s awesome. I admit it does look like an oversized dress but it kept me dry and that’s all that matters.

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