Random Observations – Part 17

  • I have a couple of great friends called Farls and Dwayne. Making me laugh uncontrollably. I am lucky their in my life.
  • Watching Dwayne taking a flying leap almost like a belly-flop, land and sink into the hedge. Can’t stop laughing just re-picturing it in my mind.  Hedge surfing has to become the new Olympic sport.
  • Playing on the swings in park after having a few drinks is not ideal… Almost makes you feel like you have a case of motion sickness.
  • Farls slipped but in my opinion, realistically she wanted to play in the mud… That poor shoe ended up having a mud bath. You meanie Farls..
  • I seem to attract some interesting characters when I’m out and about.. I’m partly blaming Farls.
  • The Longueville Pub still has the best wedges EVER… their perfect. http://www.longuevillehotel.com/
  • My little vent – I love how people get involved with someone and forget their friends, but than contact you after 3 months and try to make you feel guilty for not coming to an event they organise.
  • Lately I am re-evaluating everything that is important to me. My family, my life, my work, and of course friendships.

Updated on 2nd August.

I forgot to mention Farls is a delinquent…Bad influence she is…ha-ha I say that with love… The pure innocence of her saying oh look a intercom buzzer as we passed by a house with a glowing light filled intercom with a buzzers. Almost like a moth to a flame…We stepped closer peering at it. Quick as lightening she stood there jabbing her finger on the buzzer as we did a mad dash down the street.  I felt like a teenager again as our giggles echoed down the street.


3 thoughts on “Random Observations – Part 17

  1. Dont forget my random buzzing of the intercome and have to run down the street HAHAHA such a funny night!!!!!

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