Random Observations – Part 18

  • I love how Facebook tells me how I may know people. If I wanted to be their friend, I am sure I would have added them, by now… I have to say I took great pleasure in hitting that X at the top of their name so I no longer have to see their face on my page.  Heads up porkchop, I suggest you put a current photo up instead of one dating back to 1994 which you took for me while you were overseas.
  • If higher management is going to thank a team, my advice is you thank the whole team, not just a few individuals. I found myself getting more and more protective and upset for my team as I continue to forward emails of congratulations as a large percentage of the team were not on the email. It is a shame nobody took the time to ask about a distribution list.  Today my temper or as someone said more like mother goose syndrome took over as I email my past and present team stating the following statement. “Beginning, middle and end of the 420 George Street project whether your still here or gone to other jobs. Everyone was an essential part of completing this amazing job.”  Therefore, this is my little forum and I am stating aloud CONGRATULATIONS to my team for achieving practical completion… Thank you for letting me be apart of this remarkable achievement.
  • The more I get to know my father the more I realise how alike we are, and I’m enjoying the relationship we are building as adults…I know mum is coming to terms with our new developing relationship, however I want you to know Mum that I love you and as you know , you help shape me to be the person I am today. Do not ever doubt how much you mean to me.

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