Washing Machine = Domestic Issues

Everyone seems to have domestic issues when it comes to washing machines, and tissues.  I always groan out loud when I realise I have wet tiny pieces of tissues all through my newly washed clothing… However, tissues have not been my problem

About two weeks ago as I was grabbing my washing out of the machine I notice something square shaped and silver. As I gingerly put my hand in the washing machine, I noticed that my work credit was slightly bent but rather clean looking. I admit I held my breath as the card was swiped, at the cupcake shop.  Thankfully it still works, even if it is a bit wonky.

Than on the weekend, I couldn’t believe it, as I stared at the bottom of the washing machine, I realised I had done it again. But this time it was my monthly train ticket. Seriously all I could think of was I’m a moron. As I delicately removed the ticket from the ticket wallet, I was just hoping like hell that I could still see the expiry date. Last thing I need was to re-buy my train ticket. As it slowly dried the number became clearer, I knew I was half-safe.  Just had to wait till Monday for the final test, and thankful it worked. I was dreading the thought of having to go to the security guard every time I needed to go through the ticket barriers.

Note to oneself must check pockets from now on, because lets face it next time it will be a wadfull of tissues… Groaning at the thought.

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