Last night I downloaded an application for my iPhone to help track calories, diet, and exercise.

Now before I say any more I have never been a calorie counter, its just not me. I do not own a set of scales because the whole concept just freaks me out. I know myself well enough to know I would become obsessive with them.

After playing around with it last night, I convinced Jodes to join so we could be support partners. I was horrified to learn that the four mint slices I ate on Wednesday worked out to be 380 calories. I was giggling uncontrollably this afternoon when I received an email from Jodes telling me her favourite diet biscuit was 185 Calories. As the emails bounced back forth with updated info of what the tool could do, our new support partner Farls dramatically announced I will be living on lettuce.

However, I realised one thing for the first time in a long time I was obsessing on food, thinking about it constantly. I had totally convinced myself I was going to starve to death following this calorie intake. I am very aware it was psychological but trust me when I say I have never felt so hungry in my life.

On a serious note, it also made me stop and think about the unnecessary snacking that can happen when I’m not thinking about what I eat. Plus I love the easy access of updating my food diary by having it on my iPhone, and lets not forget its a brilliant application that is free.


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