Ruling Partnership

I came across a new blog the other day, and I have to say the writer has made me giggle out loud a few times… I have a feeling she just might be a kindred spirits of sort.

I read her About section – As I share her entry with Jodes I continue to giggle, knowing I just had to make a comment.

It brought back a conversation I had with friend over a few wines. I once declared to him that I wanted to create my own little universe… As he bit back laughter, he encouraged me to continue with my theory.

As I settle back in my chair, I announced that it would be my utopia. I would surrounded myself with people that made me laugh, entertained me, influenced me, inspired me, I would rule but it would be a free society. As he erupted into laughter he responded with don’t you mean a dictatorship?  I went no.. mmm ok maybe a little bit.  I want it to be my world, I want to take everyone I like with me and live in our own little society.. mmmm Yes that’s what I want.

I went don’t worry you can be apart of my newly created society….nodding my head thinking this was a fine idea. He promptly stated.. You know what I like your idea, so what I am going to do is cut off your head so I can rule, then it becomes my society. As I looked at him in shock I couldn’t help but burst out laughing, ok yes it had some flaws. But surely he wouldn’t do that to me??? His response was I guess you will have to see.

So back to the About section I read. Would there be a struggle of power between the two of us if we went into some sort of ruling partnership for world domination.. perhaps yes.. However, I am thinking there is a weakness for sweets so here’s to an oversupply of cakes lots and lots of cakes.


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