The Porkchop

I admit when I am tired, stressed, have no caffeine in my system I have a tendency to be extremely sarcastic. Some days I try real hard, but let’s face it my facial expression of eye rolling pretty much sums up what I’m thinking.

Today after being nagged at for the umpteenth time, I finally snapped.

A little bit of back ground information, I’m organising an event for over 200 people date and time is on invitation, posters displayed around the office. I have verbally discussed it numerous times with the boys. The following conversation takes place.

Porkchop: What time does the party start?

Me: (Eyes boring down on him – thinking in my head you have to be fucking kidding me… deep breath before I respond) I’m not telling you.

Porkchop: Why

Me: Through gritted teeth…You really want me to answer that???

Porkchop.. Yeah what time???

Me: Almost snarling as I responded with…. I find it fucking ridiculous that, you are asking me this question. How hard is it to read an invite.. (Pointing to poster) How hard is it to read a poster? Let’s not forget the verbal discussion we had yesterday, plus you RSVP to the invitation. So as far as I’m concern you should know the answer to that extremely obvious question.

Porkchop: Ummm but don’t remember….

Me: (Temper simmering) sigh of exasperation as I stomped off I couldn’t help but semi yell at him don’t be so fucking lazy reread the goddamn invite.

I know harsh but all I could think of was seriously did he take double dose of stupidity pills this morning.

As I sat back down in my chair, shaking my head in pure frustration… I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the lolly jar had been refilled with snakes as I grabbed a handful of lollies, I couldn’t help but gleefully rip the heads off the Porkchop…..Opps I mean snakes.

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