The Scenic Route

About a week ago, I took Farls on a newly discovered area that I was going to start running. This is area is off a park, as well as off a main road. I have to admit running through it you would never think you were in the city, calming silence encloses you as you plunge deeper into an area surrounded by trees, and a stream.

As I proudly showed it off to Farls she started making random comments of mmm it might be pretty but your going to break your neck running along here, you could fall off the bridge… however my favourite was I swear their is dead bodies in here, what’s the go with that creepy plastic.. It looks suspicious, almost like its covering something up.

I personally thought she was being overly dramatic, and as I said to her, you have read one too many James Patterson books.

Fast forward to this morning, today was the day I decide I would start running again in the morning. After a 40-minute argument with my alarm, I finally got my sorry arse out of bed.  Once I was out the door, I relaxed and realised how much I missed morning runs.

I decide to head for my newly found scenic route, which I have become quite attach too. However, its official Farls wins. I am never running through that place again. I am convinced you have jinxed me I tripped and jarred my whole body.

Now I would just like to state the other two times I have been through this area, I do not remember the buzzing fly noise… BUT this morning there seem to be two places where the sound seem to resonated so loud that it sounded like a swarm of flies.  Of course, the spot where the lump of earth was covered with plastic seemed to be the focal point for the noise. Yes, you guess it my imagination went into overdrive. 0.7km is a long run when you’ve convinced yourself your about  to stumble across a decaying dead body, have some weirdo jump out at me, resulting in a heart attack from fright. From there I would stumble and fall off the wonky little bridge into the stream unable to move, stranded with noone finding me for days.

Like I said overactive imagination, and never to run in that area again.


5 thoughts on “The Scenic Route

  1. Geez now who is reading tooo many James Patterson novels LOL, all those flies were hovering around all the dead bodies you were running through you did know that didnt you mwhaaa!!!

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