Asiatic Lily

I’ve never had a green thumb, well maybe I just doubt my ability to grow things, but on Saturday I decided it was time I became a Gardner. Yes, I can hear the collective groan from my friends and family.

Okay I admit I have never been successful with the whole keeping plants alive and the fact that I managed to kill a Cactus. Does make me wonder…how long my new plants will live. However, in my defence I thought Cactus could withstand anything, I am sure the cactus I had was defective in some way.

As I excitedly sent a couple of text messages and photos of my  new plants, I started getting responses.

And all I’m going to say is mmmphhf to you all….It would appear my friends and family have no faith in my gardening ability!!!

My plants will live I will not kill them.

……mmmm perhaps I’ll post a photo in a month to show how well they are thriving.. Next challenge herbs!!!

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