Remind Me Again What Sleep Is???

It has been a while since I had major problems sleeping, but lately it seems to be every week. One night I am wide-awake tossing and turning next I’m so exhausted I sleep. It is like a vicious cycle.

There is nothing worse than counting the hours until my alarm goes off.

As I threw back, the doona covers I realised that even tonight nothing seem to be working. I am trying very hard to not to think, however I seem to be getting into an argument with my subconscious.  Mediation not working, so I’m watching McLeod’s Daughters hoping the chicks on the farm will lull me into relaxation so I can sleep.  Yes I admit it I still love this show, however even to this day I’m still baffle how one place had so many cute boys.. I don’t recall that in my country town.

I digress this is about my sleeping issues

Let me honest I know what the issues are  lurking in the back of my mind I cannot help but identify that work is frustrating me, I have no idea where I am going after I finish on this project. Having my heart broken does not get any easier with age…

But life does go on and I’m under the impression that sleep will help if it ever comes, because lately it seems to be eluding me.

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