Speed Humps

Breasts, Juggs, Norgs, Knockers, Tits ,Girls, Fun Bags, Melons, Hooters and the list goes on…Yes I admit I have a love hate relationship with my breasts.. I like them more as an adult then I did growing up… but still I have moments of insecurity with them.

I still think longingly of a breast reduction. However, at present exercise is my poor version of cosmetic surgery. But then again I’m living in a state of denial, doesn’t matter how much I exercise or lose weight these babies just stay the same….So many people say to me you should be impressed with them…show them off.. I want to say honey you carry these babies around for a week then tell me how you feel.

So today, I finally face the situation and got remeasure…It was time.. my body has changed slightly and my bras do not fit as well as they should…. I was hoping for a miracle but alas I’m still the same cup size.. My own personal postcode got love that.. Okay I am being slightly dramatic. As the girl measured me up.. The same old comment came up… oh your rather tiny here aren’t you then become quite big.. YES people I know I have big boobs, yes I know my waist seems relatively small compare to my boobs…. I do not need a running commentary of it.

However, I have to say thank you to Jessie the sales assistant for making my experience enjoyable, she was funny, made me relax, knowledgeable and understood that doesn’t matter what size you are you have to have sexy lingerie.

So I end this post with a quote from Dolly Parton because lets face it she is the Queen of Bazookas!!!

“I was the first woman to burn my bra – it took the fire department four days to put it out.”– Dolly Parton

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