Random Observations – Part 26

I am tired, archiving and packing up the office is emotionally draining… This is going to be my excuse for my latest Bimbo moment.

Background all sites are now going long work wear and I had requested that someone come out and measured up the guys so they received the correct sizing.

While the boys set themselves up in the induction room aka the dressing room. I went off to the meeting room for a project review.. After 15 minutes of battling with the computer I realised I was going to need the one from the induction room.

Not thinking anything as I ran pass the clothing making a random comment to Smithy, I barge into the room only to get the shock of my life… There was one of my site guys changing… As I did a quick about face apologising profusely; I almost cannonball into Smithy as I projectile myself out of the room from embarrassment. Mumbling OMG I am so sorry….I couldn’t help but burst out laughing seriously only I could end up in this situation.. Not knowing where to look all I could hear and see was Smithy pissing himself laughing at my latest predicament.

In my defence, the room does have a door on it WHY wasn’t it closed!!!


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