Random Observations – Part 25 (Archiving Hell)

Currently packing up the site office nearly 4 years of accumulated junk that needs to be archived and thrown out… and lets not forget the relocation to a new office premises.. my running thoughts of the last month.

  • I’m a walking talking first aid injury.. Paper cuts, bruise on my back from running into plan bench while moving a security bin, knee bruised walking into corner of wall and finally just banged my funny bone on a cupboard door.. Not funny to say the least since my arm seems to be still vibrating… ARCHIVING AND PACKING IS MEAN TO ME… mmm or I could be just clumsy!!!
  • I’m currently unavailable due to being buried alive…Look for me under a stack of A3 plastic sleeves, A3 folders and of course A3 drawings… So much for a paperless office!!
  • One positive of packing up the 420 George Site Office.. We’ve been reminiscing and laughing… Wish Brooke was still here!!
  • Note to oneself… Boxes will be rejected if a little r is used.. Must use a capital R at all times!!!
  • The cheeky shits… The boys know it bugs me when they touch the archive boxes… Their solution put a bell on the tower of boxes and ring it as they go past…LOL contemplated violence but couldn’t stop laughing!!
  • Mantra yellow mellow yellow mellow yellow mellow yellow mellow….distracted by a flash of blue…. “What the fuck are you doing with that blue folder don’t put in that pile!!”
  • I’m back in the salt mines affectionately known as archiving!!
  • How sad am I… I just got excited by the fact a bunch of my archiving got approved by the system… Only a million more to go, not that I’m counting. And the red folders GONE unless some fucker is hiding one… Then there will be pain!!
  • Pretending to be Samantha from Bewitched…. twitching my nose….mmm I’m a little bit gutted it would appear I do not have magical powers…. Staring at red folders and they do not seem to be archiving themselves!
  • Got to love the boys… You look like shit what’s wrong with you… Mmm I don’t know lack of sleep and nightmares that the red folders are going to eat me..
  • Archiving wins today’s round…. Red folders have beaten me… the remaining 12 are mocking me in the cupboard.. let it be known red folders….. come next week your going down in a blaze of glory!!
  • Day 3 of Archiving… I’m thinking poking my eye out with a blunt pencil would be much more appealing..
  • ARCHIVING sucks and its smells.. I’m convinced having just archived stuff for the Jumpform and Crane they smell like someone peed on them.. Hate archiving!!! So badly want to throw the folders!! hate archiving.. Vented enough back to archiving… GROAN!


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