Random Observations – Part 26

  • Dad sending me the cutest text giving me a count down of days until I arrive.
  • I’ve found my new happy place The Nespresso Shop in Westfields… free taste testing got to love that!!!  But alas no George Cooney in sight.
  • Losing the money I withdrew from bank, not sure what happen one minute it was in my pocket the next it was gone.. As annoyed as I was with myself at my stupidity I only hope whoever found it was someone that really needed it.
  • Spring Valley Juice Lid Liddle Fact No. 158 An office desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet.
  • They boys telling me they don’t like me being anti social could I please take my headphones out so I could hear their conversations… as their argument was they like me to listen to them even if I’m not involved in conversation. My compromise one headphone in so I can hear their chatter.
  • Congratulations to Chan and Bren on their marriage..You would make a fortune bottling what the two of you have.
  • Having a group of amazing, supportive, funny friends, I am extremely lucky and feel fortunate that they are in my life.

And most importantly

  • To have someone enter my life that makes me feel amazing…

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