Running On Sand

It’s been a month since I’ve run.. I partly blame work however we all know that’s an excuse.. Nothing should stop me from exercising.

So today was judgement day how much fitness had I lost. Not only had it been a month, but I was also attempting my first beach run. Sand lots of sand, water and being barefoot…all I could think of as I headed off was what an interesting combination.

The result a 3.6km run, with me getting slightly disorientated and not recognizing my landmark to return home. What an amazing run it felt awesome to be out there again my feet pounding against the ground. My mind clear I felt myself relax and started grinning like a crazy person. I had really missed the sensations I was feeling.

Run was different, challenging due to sand and water.. I’m going to be sore but so can’t wait to do it all over again.

I could get use to this lifestyle… Mmmm perhaps I should buy a lotto ticket!!


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