Farewell Site!!!

I’m having one of those moments where I can feel the energy pumping god I love that feeling… It makes me feel alive…I’m about to start a whole new adventure… new role, new team… he-he more money, and I’m excited.

I’m thrilled by the fact that in 2 days time I’ll never have to deal with any site related crap ever again… Mmm unless I take up another site position.. However, let’s face it, NOT going to be happening anytime soon.

I can feel the freedom, the taste of it… It is so close… No more nagging, no more double standards, no more watching the boys undress in front of me in the office, no more gossiping, no more lying, no more rudeness…Oh the list could go on..

I heard the words thank you from my new team today… OH MY GOD it was music to my ears… I think I had actually forgotten what that word meant or in fact what it sounded like.

As they say when one door closes, another door opens… so as I say goodbye and close this chapter of my life… I’m embracing the next chapter… as I peer through the open door… I take one big giant step and I’m through. The previous door closes….

I sit for a moment and reflect I can’t help but  feel the emotions rush over me… I smile with an element of sadness but also with a touch of excitement…Farewell 420… It has definitely been an experience.


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