Farewell Email to 420 George Street Team

It actually just hit me this morning that this would be me last day with the team so here goes nothing;  my goodbye… to a bunch of unforgettable people….

In my own words, I just wanted to let you know what the last 3.5 years have meant to me. Also to say thank you for letting me be apart of an amazing experience.  Now don’t get me wrong it has had its moments…. Nevertheless, they have been rare… However, I realise that this team has affected me in ways I did not think possible. You all became my extended family. I have worked with some great people; however, this team beats them all. You are unique and very memorable in your own ways. I have loved watching the office turn into a preschool as we have let of steam in stressful moments. And let’s not forget the daily occurrence of the office becoming a change room mmmm somehow Mr Stevenson I  don’t think I’ll be seeing much of that at the Bond…I’m quite confident after creating a lolly dependent team where all going to have sugar withdrawals come the new year…

However, what I will miss most is the laughter. Thank you for making me laugh every day, even if on occasion a tiny part of me wanted to snot you one in the nose. I will even miss the screeching of Emmmmmmmmma across the office. Shame I cannot create little garden gnomes of you all and take you with me.

Sadly the 420 George Team chapter is closing and my new team awaits…I can only hope they have the same effect on me as you guys / gals have… As we, all know they have a lot to live up too. Again thank you for amazing, memorable, funny 3.5 years.

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Stay safe and as always “It’s Cool to Care”



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9 thoughts on “Farewell Email to 420 George Street Team

  1. Hi Emma.

    Thanks for that wonderful message, and i’m sure i speak for everyone when i say that that you were the main reason that our team felt more like a family than a work place and it wont be the same on the next job with you not there,the lucky ones who get to work with you in your next endevour will get to enjoy what we had, but you left us with some great memories that will stay with us for a long time, so take care and i hope to catch up with you when i come back to Sydney



  2. Thanks Emma. It was great working with you, and indeed we had some fun along the way.

    Thanks for all your help and be seeing ya round the traps

    Have a great Christmas


  3. OMG – Emma
    I nearly started to cry – true – no bull
    Very well written, its as if I can hear you standing in front of us all reading this out.

    Once again thankyou!
    Enjoy your break – come back refreshed.

    No doubt all will go well with the next chapter about to begin ……

    All the very best for Christmas and the coming New Year to and your family.

    Lots of love

  4. Ohhhh that is sooo cute.. im loving the little IIF msg at the end … AW will love it considering he is the one who came up with it…

  5. Hi Em

    Good luck with you new role. Thanks for your help and looking after me (and still are) during the last year and a bit. I would love to have you on my team again in the future.

    Have a good break, we can catch up in the new year. Stay safe.

    Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you too.


  6. EMMA!!!!! You big softie. This is a beautiful email. I was laughing out loud and shedding the occasional tear.
    Have a wonderful Christmas. We’ll work together again – I’m sure.
    And it is like that on the big jobs. The teams are so close and you don’t really feel it until it’s over


  7. And a big thank you to you too.

    I’m sure we had our moments but we got out the other side.

    As you say, its 3.5 years of your life which in a lot of cases is longer than most relationships.

    Thanks for everything, all the very best in your new role and I’m sure our paths will cross in the future.

    Keep in touch.

    Have a great Christmas and enjoy your break.


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