Random Observations – Part 28 (The Tater Tots 1 & 2)

Going forward Jodes Children will be known as the Tater Tots 1(oldest) & 2 (youngest).

  • Jodes and I were explaining to the Tater Tots how long we had been friends. Jodes: We were the same age as you are now Tater Tot 1.  We have friendship spanning 22 years… As Tater Tot 1 mulled this over you could see glee slowly spreading across his face as he continue to stare at us with a smile on his face and then quite promptly called us old farts.. I was given permission to hit him.. However, I told him he would pay for that comment later on in life.
  • Jodes and I took the kids to the lighthouse today, as we packed up the camera equipment we asked Tater Tot 1 to collect Tater Tot 2 who was lying in the hammock. Me/Jodes: Where going to the lighthouse… Tater Tot 1: Gave us that look only kids can give as he announced with a tone It’s borrrrriiinnnnnnggggg up there…. As we watch him stomp out the door. Jodes and I started giggling I’m pretty sure we said the same thing many years ago… Thinking back to all our road trips we had on our weekend visits with dad… Our theory is the kids of today just don’t appreciate a good view… heheh We might make them do it again tomorrow just to prove a point. Ahhh I could get use tormenting the Tater Tots… they should experience road trips just like me and Jodes.
  • Watching the Tater Tots swinging on the hammock.. Me: Do you want me to push you??: Tater Tots in unison both screamed No at me as they dissolved into giggles.. Me: Oh I’m hurt you have no faith I wouldn’t do anything to you.. As I watch them out the corner of my eye… giggling together which screamed mischief I couldn’t help but think mmm yeah I wouldn’t let them push me either!
  • Me: Tater Tot 2 what are you playing? Tater Tot 2: Angry Birds: Me: I hear your mum is addicted to that game Tater Tot 2 Yeaaaahhhhhhh!! Jodes.. I’m an expert.. I’m pretty sure Tater Tot 2 rolled his eyes at her response.

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