Randoms On My Machine

I finally bit the bullet and return to the gym.

Somethings haven’t changed, I can’t help but  stalk the machines and claim mine. Yes you read correctly mine. The one I will continue to you use while attending that gym. It’s about finding the right position, air flow, natural light, yes that’s right its all about location location location.

I am one of those people who get’s upset when I walk in and find some random on my machine… I can’t help but do a bit of two-step shuffle as I decide what should I do. Will glaring at them till they feel uncomfortable make them get off, should I loiter  and breath heavily behind them so they get to the point they feel suffocated. Can I get away with throwing a tantrum, stamping my feet and demanding they get off because it’s my machine.

I know you gym people understand this dilemma, because let’s face it, when there is a random on your machine, it messes with your routine. The gym is routine… and when you walk in to find someone monopolizing your machine, you can’t help but break out in sweat, quickly trying to adapt while doing the two-step shuffle, as you  try to decide should you crash tackle the random so your machine can be reclaimed, move to the bike so you can cycle your little heart out or do you row yourself down the stream…

Like I said dilemma. I can’t help but stomped and mutter unpleasantries about the random while I stepping onto the rowing machine.



One thought on “Randoms On My Machine

  1. I know this is old, and is an indication of how often I visit this site. Blame iphone….but….u r a wierd little creature.

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